Hey guys,

we recently used the Canon 5D Mark II to shoot the official aftermovie for the event X-Qlusive DB&STF, hosted by the Dutch event organization Q-dance.

We were very curious how the camera would perform and got very satisfying results. Taking into account that the light conditions were extreme and the heat in the Heineken Musical Hall was also letting us be sceptic about the cameras performance. But it did very well.

We used the following set-up:

Canon 5D MARK II
24-70 Lens
Cambo Rig incl follow focus

The Only disadvantage would be that without a proper shoulder rig the camera is not usable and even though you have a rig the weight needs to be balanced intensively before it performs on a maximum capacity.

The thing about shutting it down every 20 min will defenitly get in the way, when shooting bigger productions and longer shots but at events you usually have a max of 1.5 min for one shot so by shutting it down after every shot when switching locations, you will never run into the problem of having to shut it down.

In conclusion it can be said that the camera is very handy for small productions and especially eventīs where you have to move fast form A to B. Feature productions will be very difficult with this camera since it needs to cool down every 20 min.

The Aftermovie

The Trailer

Behind the scenes

Feel free to leave comments and ask us questions, we will do our best to answer them all

Hakan Zscherpe
Fips Entertainment