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Thread: Variable speed up/down audio FX

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    Default Variable speed up/down audio FX


    I've spent a lot of hours trying to figure this one out but no luck so far.

    I'm editing a short film with a camera movement that speeds up really fast, almost stops and goes in slow motion and finally speeds up again at hits something. I want to illustrate this in the sound design. So I want to speed up a reverse/woosh sound and slow it down at the appropriate places.

    How is this easily done?

    This is what I've already tried:

    1.) It doesn't seem that Cubase or Logic has a speed function. Is it right, that it only can time strech and pitch shift but not speed it up/down?

    2.) I tried using the FCP time remap for a video clip with audio, but it won't work for the sound. When trying to speed change an audio file alone it won't either. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?

    3.) I can change the speed of an audio clip in Adobe Premiere Pro, but only one speed for the whole clip. I really need to make the appropiate variable speeds (turning the speed down from quick to slow) but this doesn't seem to work for audio - only the video.

    4.) I tried using SoundTrack Pro 3 but can't seem to find anything that works...

    Any help or suggestions would nice

    Thanks in advance,
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    I suspect such a plugin may be available for those apps; but few people want it so manufacturers don't supply it.
    It appears straight forward. Read a wav file, remove the required samples; shuffle the remaining samples together; and then create a new wav file. However, such an app would also have to allow the User to select the time ranges, the %speed changes; and the curve of the speed changes.

    Perhaps there are standalone apps used by modern DJs (or whatever they are called).
    I suspect you are more likely to find this function in a standalone application; not as a VST (or whatever) plugin.

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    That's exactly what I need. A variable speed curve for audio...

    But I can't seem to find an easy solution with the audio sequencers I have. So please, someone, if you know how to do this and in which software, please write

    I have a deadline which I have to keep

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    The effect will be recognised by some people as the sound one can get by manally turning a vinyl Record on it's turntable with the sound on.
    I believe "Audition" has an effect named "Turntable Losing Power".

    A quick Google search of effect of turntable slowing may yield some good results or links, e.g.
    KVR: TbT Tapestop - Virtual Effect
    KVR: Tobybear Madshifta - Virtual Effect
    Digidesign D-Fi - Analog and Retro Processing Plug-in

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