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Thread: The Rebellion - action series

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    Cool The Rebellion - action series

    Hey guys, new here on the forum.
    Thought I might share the beginning of our new series, The Rebellion. Took about a month to due this first episode and NOTE: there's a link to the second part of the first episode at the beginning and end of the video.
    Feedback is always appreciated, enjoy! :]

    Second Episode - we took criticism from the first episode and tried to work off of it for this one.
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    There is a lot to like about this video, although not technically perfect, I found the story engaging perhaps use of a tripod might help with some of your shots. I would never attempt a long shot without one unless it has a special purpose. Although I am 2.7 x your age you have been filming for longer than I have so I would expect a lot of the technical stuff to be a bit more proficient. I don't want to go into every single point but some examples I notices the focus searching which means you are using auto focus. The lighting for the interior shots was seemingly non existing. When walking into a building from bright sun light have the exposure set for the interior not the exterior.

    These are just a few points you might want to look at on your next project. Like I said, I think this is a good video and a well told story.

    Well done.

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    Thanks for your input, it is much appreciated. I noticed most of the technical stuff after we had put it on youtube. I noticed different levels of audio, some shots were cut too short, and just a few other little things. We were editing on my friends laptop and playing sound through its speakers. Sounded fine on it, but played on something else, I could tell the different levels of audio. Again, thanks for your input.
    I will put the second episode in this thread. The second episode, we are told, is a big step up from the first.

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    Agree with Midnight that this has a lot going for it. You've managed to pull off a lot of the cliché shots from this sort of movie and really made an effort to get the spirit of those shots. I liked some of the little things like at around 4:18 when we see for the first time more than one or two people in the shot, with a reveal which shows a much larger rebel force. Another scene I liked was 6.55 where the camera moves backwards and the tooled up rebels walk towards and then past it. Nothing major, but the combination of the shot, the looks of determination (I'm surprised they didn't burst out laughing at one poiiunt as it's just so over the top), and the music was great. the film is packed with these derivative shots (not meant in a derogarory way) - the tooling up just before the shot I just mentioned, for example.

    And whilst most of the cast understandably looked a little young for the parts they are playing, Zero really looked the part.

    But you have to do a bit of a reality check cos this can ruin a film. The scene where Zero faces the car (at around 3:00) ends in the most ridiculous way. I'm sure this wasn't what you were trying to achieve, but we, the audience saw the guys in the car and Zero facing each other, some "readiness" poses (the fingers flexing by the holster) all a good build of tension - and then what happens, the car is seen to cruise idly past Zero so that he can fire his gun point blank though an open window. There's suspension of disbelief, but you can only take it so far!

    Keep filming. Good stuff. And great to see so many people involved.

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    I really enjoyed both episodes.

    I thought the action sequences were edited very well and helped contribute greatly to the excitement of the video. The 2:29 mark was especially cool.

    My only critique would be to maybe spend just a little more depth with who your primary characters are, but this was made primarily to be an action film, and it did that very well.

    I had the same issue as you, with my lighting/sound seeming to be better on the editing computer than it was on others'. New to this, so not quite sure why that would be.

    Also, I would appreciate it if you would take the time to review my first short, titled "Too Far Gone":

    Thank you, and great job!


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    1. plot motivation unclear. looks like just a guy wandering around in the suburbs.

    2. Photography not exciting. use more close ups and interesting angles and coordinate shots with action closer.

    3. show character/personality of each major character and more important minors more vividly. do this by going close onto their faces just as they are introduced. Make your actors use their faces.

    4. No sense of drama because there is no sense of threat. Having a SUV on a country road is not exciting. The opposition is not defined clearly enough. Give it more exposition and embody the opposition in a specific person who is intro'd with closeup earlier.

    5. The setup is only scenes of empty fields and abandoned industrial sites, no real evidence of a war or destruction. When Zero introduces himself it should be a close shot of his face or a slow dramatic pan from foot to head. When camera reaches his head, music blares.

    6. try to link the shots together with match cuts

    7. handheld camera is too wobbly. Try to put on tripod and pan or zoom for many shots, and use steadicam.

    8. More attention to audio. Compensate for lack of expensive audio equipment by managing speaking shots carefully. Every dialog shot should be a closeup on the speaker's face that includes his lips. Adding some eye movement to show attitude would also help. this will make the viewers more engaged in what the the characters do.
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    Good work guys! I've only watched the 1st episode (at the moment) but thought you did a great job.

    As mentioned above a tripod at times would have certainly been of benefit although I don't mind handheld work as much as some people do. I did miss a few of the lines due to low sound levels. Some of the cuts were a little clunky but overall I really enjoyed it. Good effects as well Going to check out the 2nd episode now!
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    I watched one and a half episodes, but got seriously bored with the gun fascination. I'll take a wild guess - you are all network shoot-em up players that decided to make a movie?

    The efforts you took to have blood splats fly all over the lens were astounding.

    At least when I watch something like this I appreciate that even the worst TV drama is well made.

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    Not much to say that hasn't already been said, I thought it was good considering the limitations of no budget (hard to present a worn torn picture of the future when everything around you is new and undamaged).
    Something about the opening narration that didn't work for me, it sounded more like a parody voice over, it was just too 'much'.

    Keep it up though, you should be encouraged.

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