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    Exclamation Media offline + rendering, Help

    I have spent some time editing a video in Premier Pro CS3. After editing my video once, the next time I opened Premier Pro, some of the clips didn't show but showed a red picture where it said "media offline" in several languages. I found that if I change the size of the image a little, the video comes back (I can change it back to it's normal size).
    But then I close Premier Pro, and when I open it again, the same problem occurs.
    Note that this only happens for some of the clips, and I have not done anything differently with them than the ones that work.

    Another thing is that every time I open Premier, the "green/red" line that shows rendering is red, even though I have rendered it before. I don't know whether this is normal or not.

    I tried to export the video but when I tried to open it, it said the video was damaged. Does this have anything to do with the earlier mentioned problem?

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    First of all you should know that when primiere loses the conection with the files it is using it makes it offline. To make them online you can right click on them in project window choose link media and in the opening window specify the path of your files. In some cases primiere loses the conection with the files it is using :

    1. You have changed the file name.
    2. You have changed the position of your file.( like you moved it from Drive C: to Drive D: )
    3. You are using an external hard which your files are in it.(wierd but true)

    Secondly as far as I know there is two reason for needing to be rendered over and over:

    1.If you are using GPU(graphical processer unit) to render your clips it may not save it and need to be rendered again.
    2.When you render a clip primiere makes a preview of it in the path that is specified in its defults and usually it is where the projects and auto saves are. If you save the previews in your external hard because of the same reason that I'v mentioned above you have to render the clip again(because premiere can't access the clips)

    Thirdly check if you can play the movies in other programs like windows media player (I mean a non editing program). Do they play correctly?

    I hope it helps.

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    Thank you very much! I will try these things and see if it helps.

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