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Thread: Totally beginner VFX editor. ... with a demon.

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    Default Totally beginner VFX editor. ... with a demon.

    Ok. I have got this here to show off
    It's a trailer to a our upcoming short movie called Based on a lie. The demon there is kind of sucky, but with more experience i'll get better results! Basically, it's my first project, and it's done pretty ok for my beginner rank, no?

    OK then there is this second video, where I show off who does what.(including me, i'm the editor mother fuckaaa!)

    Overall the acting clearly sucks, I bet your left ball will be rotten after watching this acting. We have no director ... too bad.

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    Well I'm an actor, director, producer, camera, lighting, sound, props, makeup, special FX, location manager, etc.... suck on that Mo Fo.

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    The compositing on the first one isn't too shabby, there's one little thing I'd do to take it that little bit further. You have a very shallow depth of field on the camera, and you have the demon fully sharp and sitting within the acceptable range of focus. Under normal cicumstances this is ideal, but to help the composite I'd take the depth of field on the CG camera narrower and knock the demon outside the acceptable focus range. If you look at your actors, sometimes the near and far edges sit just outside of being in focus. I'd do this to the demon, probably even just a tiny bit more than it should be.

    On the first appearance of the demon there is a touch of camera movement, and the focal length adjusts twice. I'd have the lens move slightly in and out of focus on the adjustments as the camera finds it's focus.

    The second one I found a bit more pointless, but I did like the idea for integrating the action with the credits. In the right film it would work great.

    Your styling has a very modern look. I think you may have taken the jump cuts a touch too far, infact perhaps a lot of each of the individual parts that make up the styling could be just a small amount more subtle, but not that much, in general I like it.

    You really need to get some quality content in there now, make it something with purpose and really worth watching.

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    Wow, thank you, David, you don't know how helpful your review was! I never really seen that before with the demon but now I think I am getting it! This will be optionally included in the short-film itself! (:
    There will be done some nice camera-tracking, with that, I will be able to move my camera freely and interact with actors while I have the demon integrated in the scene. I will have to work with the demon DOF and the lighting a bit more. I will also enhance the model.

    The story is very interesting... for us . Or though I couldn't show it in my trailer, the short-film will make more sense. But I'm afraid the plot may be a bit silly-sort-of, because we are kids. Dumb kids.

    You are right about the second video, the introduction. I have made the jump cuts too far, but I simply didn't know how to vary the scene somehow else.

    I wish I wont have any Orthographic mistakes... I will

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