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Thread: proper Video editing software

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    Default proper Video editing software

    I知 new in this forum and I知 not sure if I知 posting on right place for advice so if I知 on wrong place sorry for disturbing you.
    Namely, I知 trying to find proper video editing software which will be capable of doing following automated process:
    1) 1.Scheduled capture/record live H.264 encoded video streams;
    2) 2.Give possibility to import those captured clips, play back, edit & trim and apply appropriate metadata;
    3) 3.Transcode to specified format (.flv) and with predefined parameters (resolution, fps, bitrate etc.)

    Thanks in advance for the help,

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    have u tried Adobe Premier cs3

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    Either Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro 7.0 (not X). ;-P

    I've been using the Adobe products for over 12 years now, and I've always enjoyed their improvements over the years.

    I used to be PC based for years, but recently switched over to Macs... best decision btw.

    Even though 99.9999% of Mac users use Final Cut Pro, I still swear by Premiere Pro.

    Premiere does extremely well with playback with many different video formats. It'll be able to playback your H.264 footage natively.

    And it has a great app to export to various file formats for the web. Adobe Media Encoder. It can also do batch rendering nicely, which will probably come in handy with your situation.

    Hope this helps!


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