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Thread: "ACE" Short Film 2011

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    Lightbulb "ACE" Short Film 2011

    Hi Guys, Silverline here. Today we would like to invite everyone to watch our latest short film "ACE". The film is live from today and split into two parts running at 28minz.

    Christopher Austin is a contract killer who works for a Mob force comprised of three men who call themselves ACE. He carries out their hits using his undeniably talented skills of destruction. But as feelings in a relationship grow stronger, his whole life starts to slowly unravel before him. ACE is an action-packed crime drama that focuses on the central conflict of a Hitman who begins to question and doubt his actions when he falls in love with a woman, leading to his slow but ultimate quest for redemption.

    VIA YOUTUBE: YouTube - EXCLUSIVE! ACE Short Film! Part 1

    VIA FACEBOOK: Silverline Production: Film & Design | Facebook

    Please feel free to make public comments regarding any issues or even positive aspects of the production

    If you like the film please support us by liking our facebook page and subscribing to our youtube channel.

    Thank You for taking the time to visit my thread!

    Silverline Production

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    Excelent job.

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