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Thread: help!!! my avi files.... choppy

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    Default help!!! my avi files.... choppy

    I'm using pro 1.5, I got a lot of avi files and I'd like to splice them all together to create one big movie, but when i edit/cut a few scenes and watch them they're all choppy.

    I'm a newbie and I don't know what to do.

    Pls help.

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    What do you mean by choppy? Do they stutter? Are they corrupted? Are there lines on the display?

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    The picture or rather video quality is fine, but the video playback is moving in "staccato". It's not moving smoothly.

    I thought that maybe it's just the video playback, but when I encode it to mpeg 2 it still showed me the same thing as the playback.

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    is this a pal/ntsc thing? also, what's the spec of your pc?
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