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Thread: Cheap barn doors for budget video lighting

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    Default Cheap barn doors for budget video lighting

    I just bought a couple of barn doors that I thought were pretty cheap for a diy budget video lighting project so thought maybe I'd share it with you guys as I've had so much free help and advice from the forum recently.
    I don't have any connection with the seller, even so I won't post a link to where you can buy them, just look on a well-known auction site and type in barn doors for video light, or similar. They cost about 7.00 including shipping, which I figured is cheaper than making them myself, ie. cutting sheet metal etc.
    As I'm not too handy at cutting metal, it will also save the health service money in terms of paramedics' time and labour hah hah.
    The way it's looking, they will fit onto my halogen work lights, so I could be in line for a couple of cheap budget video lights.

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    Could we see them?
    Sounds exc value to me.

    How much were the lights?
    +Why didn't they come with doors?

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    Hi Vidmanners, since buying the doors I've fitted them to one of my diy budget video lights and then taken them off again to use with another video light. I haven't got around to fixing them to the new light, so can't show you a pic or video of them in action.
    Also, since buying the original barn doors I've decided to make my own, using sheet metal and cutting the metal to shape etc.
    This was because I didn't know how long the original barn doors would be available, so decided to get my own 'raw materials' in stock.
    I estimate that the price will be about the same, or slightly less, as the original barn doors - that it will cost me about 5.00 in raw materials including the sheet metal, the hinges, the self tapping screws or rivets and the heat resistant paint.
    I've made quite a few items of equipment for my film making studio since I posted about the barn doors, just by adapting stuff that is readily available in diy stores or in one instance, in a local electrical wholesalers.
    It's just a matter of keeping an eye out for stuff with a view to adapting it to film making.
    I might shoot some how to videos about my diy budget film making stuff at some point but am involved in shooting a couple of short films at the moment.
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