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    Hey! This is the first video in our "A Guide To The Holidays" series. Its about how to get through Valentines Day!

    Any comments/critique would be welcome!

    Tell us what you think!

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    I like the way you edit these together, short sections, changes in pace and music, snappy titles and silly effects.

    The biggest let down is the sound. you guys really need to get this sorted out. In the exterior shots (and kudos to you for going out and shooting) it would jave been really useful if you'd had a mic you could record with rather than just a prop. There's just too much background noise - it's not that what's being picked up is unintelligible, it's just that as we have to concentrate so much on what we're meant to hear, it becomes less enjoyable.

    You need to white balance your shots. Your interior shots are very yellow and there were some very different looking colours in different shops.
    You also need to read up a little on composition and watch your backgrounds. When you have one presenter in the middle of the screen (it's usually better to be positioned one third left or right though for a straight presentation to camera, middle os OK) he divides the room such that there's a bookcase out of his left and not out of his right - it just looks odd.

    Keep at it - I love your enthusiasm and your desire to learn.

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