I've an unusual problem, maybe someone else has seen this.

I have two PCs, one an Acer desktop connected to a Benq monitor, and one an Acer laptop, a new 5741G with the NVidia 320M video card.

I shoot interlaced footage and use Sony Vegas 10 with the desktop PC to render deinterlaced progressive video. When I watch the video on the desktop hooked up the monitor, everything looks as expected.

But if I watch it on the laptop, I can see what appears to be artifacts of the kind one would expect to see in interlaced video that had not been deinterlaced, e.g. occasional horizontal lines. These appear only on the video, not across the entire laptop monitor.

Puzzling. I wonder if the problem is related to my video or perhaps I've a faulty monitor or graphics card? Has anyone seen this sort of thing?