First up I am new to this. My problem sounds similar to one posted by 'theroacher'...
Concerned about my aging SHVS tapes, i decided to convert to digital. To do this I used a Leadtek WinfastPVR (hardware encoder) and was pretty happy with the results. they play well in media player and I burned a DVD of a couple of them using muvee autoproducer 4 However I needed to do a lot of editing to get them into shape so..
I tried Ulead, muvee etc. but found the latter too basic and the former..well just too hard..Then Premeire Elements came along and I thought ..I can do this!
So imported one of the mpg files I had created and it loads up fine, the problem is when I try to edit in the timeline view, the audio seems to lag the video by upto 30 seconds (the video is really choppy as well). When I play the clip in 'clip' mode it is all in synch . The files can be edited fine in Ulead Video Studio.
I thought this may be a Rev 1.0 symptom, but I have now imported native DV material fine from a freinds camera and edited it easily.

Now I have read the help file and I see that Premiere is not really designed to work with analog files, that kind of confuses me because I thought that once it was in digital format..the mpg file I assumed it wouldn't reall matter where the source material came from. They actually suggest dubbing to a DV camera and importing from that over firewire. I guess I could do that but I have already spent about 24 hours swapping tapes and don't really want to do it all again. But if i have to I will...
If someone can explain in nontechnical terms what is happening that would be great. PC I am using is 'gasp' a Celeron and 512MB/120GB SATA drive, so although not a rocketship thought it would do the job. ..Which it does on the DV native material.

Any guidance will be most welcome.

Now as I re-read these words before posting it occurs to me that I used a P4 to do the capture and my trial edits (I work in IT so my PC's change on a near to weekly basis) maybe the difference between the Celeron and a P4 is significant after all..?