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Thread: pinnacle 14 keeps freezing!

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    Default pinnacle 14 keeps freezing!

    Hi I'm new on here and need some serious help with original Pinnacle 14 it keeps freezing on me everytime I place sound effects onto my edited work and the preview screen goes black as if it doesn't reconise the scenes being played.

    It shuts down the system/I have to restart the computer as it won't let me open task manager or anything. I have basically converted my project from Pinnacle 12 plus to 14 as it kept freezing worser on 12 with windows 7 64bit.

    My PC spec is windows 7 64bit, 750GB HDD, 4GB RAM, 512MB graphics card ATI and 3ghz processor (duel core).

    Has anybody had this issue before? If they have could they let me know how to fix this problem thanks, Ian
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