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Thread: Pinnacle 10 stuck at launch

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    Default Pinnacle 10 stuck at launch

    Older computer crashed while in Pinnacle 10. I had a video that for some reason wouldn't load into the timeline. Was attempting various things when the computer crashed. When restarted and trying to launch Pinnacle, I get an error message saying Pinnacle didn't close properly and did I want to open the project that was running (the one that wouldn't load), open another project, or start with a blank project. I've tried all three selections, but all three have the same result - the "bad" project name appears in the window header and a couple of seconds later, Pinnacle crashes/closes. I can see an error message pop up for maybe 1/10th of a second, but not long enough to see what it says.

    I'm hoping there is a file somewhere that has the bad file name referenced in there as the active project and maybe I can edit that file to delete it and Pinnacle will launch like normal. Any ideas?
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    I hate to say it but the bad file is the software, I ended up giving up on pinacle. I had pinnacle 10 titanium and it never worked right. When I contacted them they were of no help. If you dont have the 10.8 patch installed you can that. Might just cause more issues then it fixes, but its worth a try at least

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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