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    Hey guys,

    I'm a budding film maker on youtube and have just put up my first (very) short film. I would love to know your opinions on how I could improve it. The plot isn't as tight as I would have liked to be, but unfortunately it was the only thing I could work with. There was also to be a third alternate ending but I forgot to turn on the camera when shooting it .
    The music is just some basic loops from garageband - unfortunately music isn't my strong suit.

    Here is the link:

    Any advice and criticism is more than welcome,
    Thank You in advance,

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    It is very short so there isn't really any story, I couldn't hear the dialogue very well. I guess you don't have a separate mic, I would recommend getting some thing this will improve the production values your videos.

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    I couldn't agree more, my friends also told me the voice is too quiet, but unfortunately I had already uploaded the video by then. I think I made the music a little too loud. It is extremely difficult to tell when the words become incomprehensible when you know the words yourself and therefore can make them out. I'll make sure to make my music a little quieter next time.
    The only part of this video that I am completely happy with myself is the ending, when the kidnapped child gets shot, and the Game Over voice over. Did you like the words coming out of people's mouthes or was that a little over-kill?

    Thanks for the response,

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    I rather liked it. I don't know that there wasn't much of a story, I've seen much longer films with less of a plot. I thought it was funny that there was someone kidnapped. The shooting was "ok" but not as strong as the revelation that the kidnap was genuine.
    It also liked the styalised look - the words coming out of the mouths gave it a sort of advertisement type look - though i think this aspect would be too much if the film wlasted any longer.
    The only thing I'd say is that, short as it was, if I had not been asked to crit it, I probably would have lost interest and bailed out before we got to the punchline, so you realluy need to make that sound crisper and clearer so we get into the plot, rather than just thiniing it's kids mucking about.

    looking forward to your next...

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    thanks for the advice, I guess when editing I forgot a little about the basics (ie sound of the actors) and got carried away with the music and stuff... hopefully next one i will remember not to

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