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Thread: Speeding Up Video

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    Default Speeding Up Video

    I have an 8 minute video clip that needs to be sped up to fit into the space of 15 seconds. I have added a 300% velocity envelope, changing the media's playback rate to 4, as well as the master playback rate to 4. Any ideas??? without having to render that, then speed it up again (any other utlities)??


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    is there anyway to go to 400% velocity or greater, i have a shot from inside a plane taking off, this is while looking outside the window and i need the scene to go faster than 300% keep in mind that a plane taking off is pretty slow footage if recording houses from above.

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    Default Yes there is....


    1 - Add velocity envelope at 300% (3 times faster)
    2 - Right click media ==> properties, and change playback rate to 4 (12 times faster now (4*3)) - (note 4 times is the maximum playback rate)

    If you wanna go even faster;

    below the track there is a slider called playback rate, and move up to 4 times faster, so now the video is 48 times faster.

    Play around with these values to get ur desired speed.

    If you want to go even FASTER, i think u can only render that, and speed it up a second time.


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    does changing the playback rate affect the whole project or somehow only a selected track? if it does affect the whole project what percentage would be normal on the velocity envelope if changing the playback rate to 4?

    thanks for the help

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    the velocity envelope will apply to the regions where it is inserted,

    When you right click and go properties, increasing that playback speed to 4 times (or 400%) will ONLY affect that media/event.

    The master playback WILL affect the entire project.


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    thanks for the help, it helped me out tons, although my hard drive just crash and it deleted my whole project

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    I have a problem......I want to change the playback rate for a selected clip....default is 1000....I want 500...but when I click close....I have 4000 in the playback rate box....and I don't know what is the problem Sad ..can somebody tell me how can I fix dicreas the speed of the clip....

    sry for the mistakes......10x if somebody can help me!

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    Default 1.000

    The default setting i think is actually 1.000 not 1000. So when you type 500, you type a value that is too high for vegas and reverts to its highest speed, which is 4.000

    Type 0.5 in the box and it will decrease speed by half.


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    Default doesn't work ....sry, is 1.000 not 1000...i typed 0.5 in the box but the same problem...... ....4.000 appears... :(

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    Default alternatively...

    alternatively, place a velocity envelope over that track, and when at the selected clip reduce it to 50%. remember to stretch the length of the clip though, as this doubles the length of the clip.


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