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Thread: Intro to a music video

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    Default Intro to a music video

    Hello! this is my first video post, so yay!

    A little information on what your seeing here, Im in a class at school where we learn Television production, out school has a fully functional TV studio, 8 edit bays (altho this was edited on my little laptop, 15 minutes of rendering O.O) and two cable channels. My class produces newscasts for air, so thats where I got the camera I used and such, also the blue screen. Yes, its chroma Keyed, altho I feel the background doesnt fit well, but I pretty much just tossed it in for you guys.
    Anywho, this started out as a joke between me and a friend when we finished our projects early in said class, it was supposed to be just what you see here, but were working on doing a whole music video, and I apologize for the quality of the text, but you know... 5MB... But it says:
    Relationship in Command
    Director:Kory Brown and Brent Taylor.

    Oh, and I used Vegas 5.0 to edit it.

    And no, thats not me in the shot. lol.

    enjoy, and leave any critiques or comments you want

    EDIT: I forgot to mention, It was shot and edited with the intent to watch on a TV, meaning 10% of all the edges will be cut off, so thats why he isnt on the full screen the whole time, for those who might not know

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    A fantastically moody shot. Now I'm scared to leave the house

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    Thank you

    you should see how unthreatening the guy really looks, both of us were really shocked at the results.

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    Like the Black and White alot. Very moody and it made me really want to see more. Good job!

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    i would love to see that as an intro to a country music video,,, lol.. yeah that was ok, i would like to see the end result...

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    Fantastic job. Me likes.

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    It started out as a joke, and it may stay that way... We havent been able to get a chance to really shoot the rest, or even get a definite plan on the rest. Right now the actor in the intro is involved in a play (as am I, tech work, ironicly along with the other actor involved in it) but we have some cool ideas. Like, our problem was not enough people to show a band shot, so were going to parrell them as a good and evil side, to give us 4 band members, the "evil" side will look something like that, with the film grain running just through them, kind of like the end of the ring, where the girl comes out of the TV, it should be pretty cool looking., and the "good" side in full color, maybe brightened up a bit... I dunno, Im excited about it, but this freaking play is going to post pone it. But I will be sure to show you guys the finished project

    Thank you for your comments!

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    Top banana.
    Very good indeed!
    Just wish I could think up stuff like that!

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    I liked it.

    It kinda reminded me of the Ring, the original raw looking Jap release (opposed the over polished US remake).

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    Does this mean that everyone here who watched this is going to get one of them phone calls then?

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