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Thread: Recording good quality sound on a Canon 5D?

  1. Default Recording good quality sound on a Canon 5D?

    I've recently purchased a Canon 5D, which produces absolutely stunning images, but records very poor quality sound, so I can't use it for interview.

    What's the best way, if there is one, to record broadcast quality sound?

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    does the 5D have an external mic input ? if so how about using that with an external mic set up ? otr better still use an external digital recorder with built in mics or external audio input.....

    Tascam DR-05 Linear PCM Recorder

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    The only way to record broadcast sound is using good microphones (not the ones built in to any video camera, let alone a DSLR) and a good audio recorder.

    For interviews, either a lapel mic (preferably wireless) or a boom mic (placed just out of shot) coming back to something like the Zoom H4n. Use PluralEyes to sync the sound with the video if you can't do it manually, then throw away the sound from the 5D2. There is nothing you will want from it after you sync'd it with good sound.

    If you can't afford to get extra mics & stands then mount the Zoom H4n on the hot shoe of the camera. Even it's built in mics are 10 times better than the 5D2.

    The advantages of the Zoom H4n (and some others) over the cheaper models are that they have both built in mics AND 1/4" jack AND 1/8" jack AND XLR inputs as well as being able to supply phantom power if needed. They also use standard SD/SDHC cards making it easier to plug the card in to a reader to import to your computer.

    Taking a cable from the headphone socket of the zoom in to the mic port on the 5D2 means that the 5D2 is also getting a feed that's identical to the Zoom internal mics which is perfect for synchronising later. The external mics then record to tracks 3 & 4 and are separately controllable.
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