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Thread: Render to flv?

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    Default Render to flv?

    I've got Vegas Movie Studio 9 and want to render my output to FLV format for streaming from my website.

    FLV does not appear as an available format in my render list. I have looked for answers to this question in the forum but could only find other unanswered questions! (unless I am usign the wrong search terms). My questions are:

    1. Is there a plug-in or other solution to his problem I coudl use?
    2. If FL is not available, is there another recomended format for web streaming>?

    A bit more background on the situation:

    It is to stream training and promotional videos, around 30 mins in length. A lot of what I am doing is recording a voice over a powerpoint presentation then using Hypercam to do creeen capture as I click through the presentation. I then import the AVI file into Vegas, layer on the sound seperatly, add in any other still pics etc. I will also be doing 'proper' video from cam at some point.

    Any advice much appreciated.

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    You could use a video conversion program. Just Google for a free one. I don't know the best ones around as I never need this.

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    Ok - here is what I did. I downloaded a program called Super (just google for Super, it is the first thing that comes up). Finding where to download it can be a bit tricky as you get loads of ads for another product called AVS (all a bit odd).

    The settings I have used for converting are
    file type: FL
    Video Scale: No Change
    Frames per sec 25
    Bit Rate 720
    Audio sampling: 44100
    2 Channel, 64 kbs

    I had trouble playing the resultant FLV file until I downloaded FLV-Media player, which seemed to work a treat.

    Hope this is of some to use to anyone else with the same issue

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