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Thread: How to join rendered videos

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    Smile How to join rendered videos

    I have edited an one hour video in sony vegas pro. If I start rendering that full video, it will take more than 24 hours. So I want to render it partly in .wmv format.
    I want to know how can I join all the rendered parts to make it a single video.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Firstly, it will take you longer to render our 6 sections of ten mins than to render the whole thing in one go. BUT if you feel your computer might collapse from exhaustion after doing it all in one go then render out your sections by selecting a looped region. When you have done this for all the sections, put them all, in order, on a new time line and make sure smart render is enabled. This should render out the whole thing without re-rendering the bits that where not altered the the rendering time will be minimal.

    WARNING I know this works for mpeg2 but I don't know if it works for .wmv. You would have to read the Vegas help files.

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    Thanx you Midnight Blue for showing a way.
    | will try this for .wmv and let you know the result.

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    My version is Vegas Movie studio HD Platinum version 10. Build 179.

    I could not find any Smart render option.
    I rendered a part in .m2t and .m2v. In .m2t the files after rendering is blank and the size of the final file is that of the first file.
    In .m2v the file could not be opened in Vegas..

    So, I am still stuck..

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    In the .m2t custom options on the video tab, make sure the tick box for include video stream is ticked and the same on the audio tab to include the audio stream.

    The smart render has a funny name in the Preferences options general tab, (If you have it in Movie Studio) tick the box called Enable no-recompress long-GOP rendering.

    Hope that works for you.

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    Thanks Midnight Blue...

    I could join two .m2t files without rendering. But for .wmv it renders again.

    Now I need one suggestion for the rendering format.

    My Camcorder is Sony SR 11 and I capture video in AVCHD. When I rendered in .m2t, the output file is less bright but the colours are better. And in .wmv the output video is brighter but the colours are a little washed out.

    What is the best format to render AVCHD videos, if I want to make a DVD.

    ~Thanks in advance.

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    DVDs are Mpeg2 - you have no choice!

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    Tim is right. You will be best using one of the DVD Architect templates. Choose the right one for the DVD type you need. ie PAL (UK), NTSC (USA). Remember, you are taking it from a HD format to a SD format so expect some loss of image quality.

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