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    Hi All I'm a new user so please be gentle....

    I have been given 2 video's of my old band, shot 1992, handheld cams.... So you can imagine the quality, or lack off.....

    Anyway I am going to try to edit the two into one dvd.....

    Problems are....
    1. There is no cue points... other than the music
    2. Even if there were cues, both cams are switched on and off at different times during the gig....
    3. The audio on one cam is passable and the video on the other is the best.....
    4. The timing on the cams wanders

    What software would you recommend?
    Is time stretching to match the videos possible???

    Any help or suggestion would be gratefully received

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    Well I had this problem when I was editing a confrence. you know the qualiti was awful and same issues you have like cam1's sound and cam2's video was good. what I did was using edius 5. if you want to edit 2 camera from one subject(2 camera record in same time from 2 point of view) i think this can helps :

    1.import both movies in edius

    2.turn on dual mode (or similar thing) from mode menu

    3.drag 2 clips from project window to timeline and put one of them on the other one

    4. what you see is both movies on timeline when you move ruler on clips but the output will be upper clip in time line. you can see where 2 clips are the same and where which camera has stopped recording so you replace the other one.

    6.and about the sound after editing all the movie and you are finished you should select each cut clip and unlink it (select it then right click on it and select unlink)which detach audio and video(you can select all and do the same thing). then one by one replace the sound with better quality.

    if you start doing this and you have questions about details I will answer.
    I hope it helps.

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    What software would you recommend for best video editing?

    Ambit Energy
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    Actualy the question is what software it best for "you" my advice would be to download the trials of the major NLE's and play with them, see what you like best, most will do all the stuff in their class it just comes down to user interface and minor options. As a rule everone will say the NLE that they use is best, but is it best for you?

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2


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