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    Default Newbie question

    Wasn't sure where to post this so i hope i have put it in the right section.
    I have read the sticky and am still usure of a few things, If anyone can help i would be grateful. Here goes.

    1,I have a sony hc21 ntsc

    2, I have copied some of my footage i took using the usb cable provided and found not only the footage is bad quality but it also frame jumps occasionally.

    3, It seems to me that after reading some topics in this forum that i need a firewire card and a cable.

    4, I understand all firewire cards are the same but what cable do i need?

    5, What is the best all round software to get with a budget of £100, I have read that pinnacle studio 9 is glitchy and sony vega is bloody expensive. I am not looking at making professional films to rival oliver stone but a few features would be nice. I played around with microsoft movie maker and was very dissapointed (what did i expect for free). I would like to make a menu that i can navigate like most dvd films you buy and have some nice titles and transition effects to boot.

    Thanks in advance


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    The cable you need is a firewire cable and since there is a firewire port in your video camera(atleast from what I read), you'll just need to connect the port of your camera to the firewire card.
    About what program to use, download Ulead VideoStudio and see if it fits your demands.

    One thing I forgot to mention is that you'll need a firewire card that fits to the special port in your camera. Just a plain firewire cable won't do.

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    Yep, you're gonna need a 6-pin to 4-pin firewire cable. As for software, try Ulead Videostudio, or try the trial version of Adobe Premiere Elements. I don't know much about it, but it's $100 (I think...) and if it's anything like the full-blown Premiere, it'll be an awesome video editing program.
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    Thanks for your replies.
    I have bought myself a firewire card and got a free cable and copy of ulead videostudio 8 SE all for £12, bargain.
    Just playing around with ulead now.
    BTW the quality is a thousand times better using the firewire rather than the usb provided with the camcorder.

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    Yay for firewire.


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