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Thread: Help in Eliminating Pixelation in youtube

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    Default Help in Eliminating Pixelation in youtube

    Hello, I am getting some heavy pixelation in my youtube video. The original rendered video does not contain the pixelation.

    The footage was taken using Canon vixia HFS200 at 24Mbps 30P 1920x1080. I edited using Vegas Movie Studio HD 10 rendered using Sony AVC using the template internet 1280x720 at 30P. The rendered 720 30P video looks great. But after youtube does it's compression, I am seeing the pixelation.

    Thanks for any help you can provide.


    Here is the link of the youtube video

    YouTube - screamingaboveDnoise's Channel

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    At first I thought you must have panicked when you saw the initial upload results and had not given YouTube enough time to do the full processing, as it looked fine at first but then I saw it happening. I don't know exactly how or why this happens but I think the only solution is to try uploading it again. It looks the same as interference in a digital TV signal, so it could just be a little data corruption during the upload.

    Nice singer by the way.

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    Hold the bus. I just looked at the other videos and see you are getting similar problems on the same video in the same places. This would indicate a problem with the rendered file but you say it plays fine on your computer. So I'm baffled as to what the problem could be.

    An interesting exercise would be to try uploading it to Vimeo to see if you get the same thing happening on there.

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    Hi Midnight, I was just going to say the same thing. I don't think its related to the upload, I think its related to the youtube compression.
    Yeah it plays fine using quicktime in my computer. I will try uploading to vimeo. If it plays fine, at least we narrow it down to youtube. Still need to solve the problem since youtube is the easiest way to distribute content, can't get away from them, unfortunately. :-(

    Thank you for taking the time and posting a reply.

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    If that doesn't work take a close look at the few frames where it happens on your time line you could have a little corruption on the odd frame which is throwing YouTube out but not quick time. Just a guess.

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    Ok I uploaded it to vimeo and it looks great.

    I was hoping somebody else has ran into this problem and could chime in.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post. Really appreciate the suggestions.

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