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Thread: Sony HDR-SR12 Drifting Event Coverage - Edited

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    Default Sony HDR-SR12 Drifting Event Coverage - Edited

    Hiya, I'm looking around for fellow film enthusiasts to make new friends and just get more involved into this area. Looking for tips and hints, maybe some suggestions?

    This is my first time filming and editing a video covering an event and I'd love for people who love filming and editing to have a look, maybe let me know what you think That'd be very cool. If you have any questions let me know, feedback is a fantastic thing! Enjoy!

    some basic info:
    Camera - Sony HDR-SR12 with no lens attachments, recorded in 1080i, uploaded to youtube in 1080 as well (WATCH IT HD =]), Edited in Sony Vegas, Song name is: Telepopmusik - Just Breathe.

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    Welcome to the forum. If you want people to comment on a video it should be posted in the User Video section.

    I think you have to be a petrol head to really appreciate this type of video. I liked the first slow mo shot mixed with the real time shots but after a while it did get a little boring for me, perhaps the whole thing is to long. I think it could stand to be cut in half. Even though you were doing the right thing of moving around the track to shoot from different places. Later on it got a little more interesting again when you did some low down angle shots and the on board. You even managed to get an on board shot so well done for holding the camera while been thrown around in the back of the car.

    You have got some of the basics so now it's a question of refining and improving, like learning to put a narrative together so you give the viewer a start, middle and end.

    For a first time it effort I thought you did really well.

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