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    Hi All, A friend of mine is a very talented up and coming rap artist and he needs a promo video. We are looking for a video maker who is willing to offer their skills and talent for free of charge for the purposes of gaining more experience and building up their show reel. I f this is something youíre in the position to offer then please get in touch and letís make this happen.

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    Sorry that I wouldn't be interested in this proposition, rap just doesn't suit the work I'm doing at the moment. But perhaps your friend could offer an exchange of services, maybe there's a film maker who'd be happy to spend valuable time making his/her video in return for "royalty free" V.O. and/or soundtrack work on a relevant project.


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    I am interested to do this music video as I need to make my show reel.I have some experience making hip-hop videos.I was a camera assistant for 2 hip-hop videos and last week I did one hip-hop video of me and a friend of mine whish is in mixing stage now.It was a green screen project.I can offer HD video shoot and edit.I am situated in London so if your friend is somewhere near London he/she can contact me on 07808732603 .My name is Ivan.

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