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Thread: water damaged HV20 - expensive to repair???

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    Default water damaged HV20 - expensive to repair???

    hi everyone-
    my name is samantha. i was a bit of an idiot last year and took my camera into the water with me. ha ha
    i splashed water on my canon hv20 last summer - trying to make a film in the sea. it sort of died a couple days later and i was told it would be too expensive to fix.
    but i am having a look at it now. it works perfectly in VCR mode and when on camera mode it whines as it tries to open the lens cover but when i push it open with my fingers it is working almost fine. only problem is that it wont focus.? makes me think it might just be the motor in the focus pull and lens cover that is broken.

    anyone have any suggestions on what to do? its a lovely little camera and i'd love to get it fixed. how much are repairs usually? where should i go? do you think it is worth it?
    i looked at this company
    Camcorder Repairs Glasgow
    anyone know anything about them? are they honest?

    thanks for all your help guys.
    bye bye

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    I think the repairs would cost more then a replacement, water is deadly on electronics, depending on how wet it got you could be looking at a lot of corrosion if not now it could start to happen soon.. plus if it salt water its even worse.. a lot of repair places will charge a few 100 just to look at it.. Maybe its time to upgrade to the HV30, its a great camera as well

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    the camera didnt go all the way in the water so i guess it is only slight water damage. it was just a little splash but it landed right on the lens area. the camera isnt a write off anyway- i use it currently in the video function for transfering stuff. but just thought if it was only going to be a hundred quid to fix i should do it.
    maybe it only needs the focus motor replaced? what would that cost?

    thanks a million guys

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    You could talk with them to see but I know in the US they will charge a fee just to look at it, plus the cost of repair. I think it is a write at least as a camera.. at least you have a miniDV so save the wear and tear of a new cam

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    Have you got home contents insurance? Repair/replacement may be covered by that.

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    FWIW I doubt insurance will cover it, you did a very silly thing, esp as it's with sea-water. Better to keep your claim-history "clean" as it were.

    By now the damage will be done and "probably" the corrosion will not get much worse, but that's the problem . . . . It's more likely the electronics is faulty, due to the dried seawater(salt) "shorting" the chips, whereas a motor is somewhat "hidden" - but whatever is wrong, it will be expensive to fix as the repairer needs to be sure you won't be back a few months later. Also any spares will be retail and being "specials" will be correspondingly expensive. If the motor is 100 expect at least another 100+ to swap-out....Is it really worth it? . . . . . . That 200+ might be better put towards a new model.

    Keep it for the while and maybe use for spares, if it does die...
    - It's a sad tale, IMHO.
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