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Thread: Warning about Syntax Editions and CS Leigh

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    Default Warning about Syntax Editions and CS Leigh

    If you are approached by Syntax Editions or a director calling himself CS Leigh, beware he is a rip off merchant and will not pay you for the work done.

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    Oh dear, that doesn't sound good. What happened?

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    You are not the only one. I own an agency who represents photographers, stylists and hair/make-up artists. Syntax Editions approached our agency. They wanted to use two photographers for their magazine. Expenses were going to be paid. The whole experience with Syntax Editions was a true nightmare.

    His managing director Robert Threes doesn't excist. This is CS Leigh himself. He just wants to come across professional. At first hand he comes across very polite and kind. But he is a true wolf in sheep clothing. He doesn't produce anything himself. He wants you to do it and he asks very kindly to pre pay everything.

    CS Leigh makes promise after promise and he breaks every single one of them.

    In the end we never got paid anything. He got his editorials and we never saw a copy. You can not buy the magazine online. A friend of mine in London tried to buy it but Selfridges is not selling it anymore because they say it doesn't sell. Same for the Serpetine Gallery. They only sell the left overs of the first copy.

    So if CS Leigh every approaches you, IGNORE & AVOID that man as much as you can!

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    Default syntax

    same here. did a shoot was never paid. it should come out since december and nothing is happening.

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    Interesting, did the shoot you did for him have anything to do with 'An American In Paris' Pineye?

    I actually managed to get some money off him and he claims to want to finish the work and says he going to pay me the balance of what he owes me, but I'm not holding my breath.

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    no it was in london in september. he is telling me since december that the magazine will come out in 2 weeks but none of my friends in london can find it. i was thinking about taking a lawyer.

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