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Thread: Great Stock Music Website

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    Default Great Stock Music Website

    Hey guys,

    Thought I would share this link with you:

    AKM Music MP3 Downloads of Copyright Free Music and Royalty Free Music Library

    This is probably the best website I have come across for low cost stock music that is non-cheesy - pretty hard to find nowadays. Go to the download section and you can download a decent track for about £10.

    Note: I have no affiliation with this site what-so-ever. Just thought id share as it is something I will be using a lot of in the future. Check out the underscore section if you are doing some corporate work, some pretty nice tunes on there.

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    Another good quality stock music site to check out: Stock Music Boutique | Royalty Free Music | Background Music

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    Great links guys - just loving this site for assistance with almost everything ive needed

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    Another really great stock music website to check out is Cinephonix. All of their music is exclusive to them, and their composers are readily availble for commissioned work as well. You should check it out!

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    I am a composer for Sony BMG , Chappell and Universal.

    Here are my non exclusive tracks at the lowest prices on the net…

    High quality drama scores, piano works, orchestral pieces, choral work, funk, hip hop and electronica.

    Probably some of the best royalty free music on the net at the lowest prices of between $2.00-$3.95 a track.

    My music is featured on Big Brother, MTV, Sky Sports, Top Gear and others.

    Click to listen to 700 tracks in either of these accounts -

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    40 royaltee-free original soundscapes (ambient, atmospheres, sound design, logos) with name-your-price download:

    Soundscapes | loops de la crème

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    Really good sites people. Thanks!

    lose weight
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    Another two sites to get good royalty free music are:

    New Dog Digital Home Page they have 100 track collections there


    Phoenix Clips - Rotalty Free Media they have great music from a variety of real bands and musicians

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    Hello People,
    I want to share a nice Royalty free music website that offer piano music track
    you can search by genre and choose between many moods like romantic, suspense, dramatic, touching music
    Piano music content for commercials, websites, documentary and media projects
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    Hello people,

    This is a nice Royalty free music website that offer piano music content for commercials, documentary, websites and more. There are many genres like jazz, blues, cinematic moods, latin and different instrumentations like solo piano, duo, trio and quintet.
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