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    sorry to bother you guys again with my Studio 8 issues.
    I've been having this problem lately where the sound in my video clips doesn't work. The thing is this, before I put them into my project, they work perfectly, but after I insert them, the sound doesn't work. I didn't tinker with the sound of the video clips or anything. I've also discovered that it sometimes will play the sound depending on the type of video file. Whether it is AVI or MPEG. I've tried restarting the program many times and restarting my computer too. Nothing seems to help it.
    Thanks in advance.

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    I assume MPEG doesn't work. What I suggest is that you demux the audio and video, and convert the audio to WAV, then import this to Pinnacle.

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    The funny thing is that both file types don't work. Nevertheless, excuse me for my rather stupid follow-up question, but how do I demux the audio video? I know a certain program is needed for this...

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    I'm sorry for the double post, but could someone please help me out.
    I'd appreciate it greatly.

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