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Thread: Video of the month, January 2011

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    Default Video of the month, January 2011

    What is Video of the Month?

    Video of the Month is a contest to chose our the our monthly champion of the User Video section. Any listed video is eligible for the video of the month.

    How do videos get nominated for video of the month?

    At the end of the month anyone can pick the creme de la creme of the videos posted in the user videos section by joining in the discussions at Video Editing Forums: Digital Director - Video of the Month nominations. A poll is then created for the shortlisted 5 videos.

    What determines a Video of the Month?

    Video of the Month is based on a simple voting system. Throughout the month you can vote for one of the nominated videos. At the end of the month, the video with the most votes is crowned Video of the Month.

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    Vote: Check!
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    Congratulation Sam & team on your deserving win.

    But ... only 14 votes?
    Marc might as well just pick a winner and save all the hassle of working out nominees etc.

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    Considering the traffic this forum generates 14 Votes is pretty poor isn't it :-/

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    Congratulations to Sarghm.

    Perhaps make it so people are only eligible for entry if they've voted in the previous month's VOTM? That would encourage a few more people to vote. Videos are currently entered in if the users are commenting on others videos. To only enter them if they've voted the month before seems pretty much the same thing.

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    An interesting concept, but ultimately that would limit the number of overall participants. There's not really a link between a users post count and the number if videos they post. In fact the highest proportion of videos come from newer members eager to learn by critique. I personally don't mind someone with a low post count being shortlisted - for me the competition is our way of highlighting the talent we attract and sometimes help nurture.
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