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Thread: Question regarding simple effect

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    Default Question regarding simple effect

    I need help creating an effect where a small still picture transitions in from an artificially created border on a bigger background picture.
    The same effect can be seen here:

    Which program can do this and how?

    Thank you

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    Adobe After Efftects, learn about masks and animating layers. It's pretty much the bread and butter basics of the software.


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    Hi, whilst after effect is definitely one solution ....... you can also create the same effect in Adobe Premiere CS5 using Mask's, Layers and Key Frames. I find it much easier to create these type of effects in the EDITING program itself rather than having to use a separate piece of software. Here's the setup

    Top Layer is your frame (mask out the middle of the frame) (layer 3)
    Bottom Layer is the whole picture (excluding the cat layer 1)
    Create a separate mask for the Bowl (layer 2)

    When they sit on top of each other you can slip the Cat image between the the layers or on top (like the last shot) at your will ........... you'll need to use keyframes to move the image in and out etc ...

    hope this helps


    PS: Whoops should have said I 'd use Keying nad Cropping to create masks.
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    You can do very limited variations of this type of work within most NLE's, but a program like After Effects, being designed for the purpose fits the bill better, and makes it a whole lot easier.

    I.e. there are no mask tools in an NLE such as Premiere.

    You could do less mask work in photoshop, it would be less limited than in an NLE but not as fully featured as in After effects.

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