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Thread: How to do this effect in this video?

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    Default How to do this effect in this video?

    Hey I would like to know how I can do the 3d name effect that the name sticks in one place like in this video:
    Thanks and please reply

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    It's called matchmoving. Essentially it the very same thing they do to put CGI monsters in real world video, or futuristic CGI buildings in real citys. You need a 3d motion tracker and a 3d modeling tool. Such as syntheyes (tracker) and Maya, 3dsMAx or Cinema 4d (3d modeling). They're very expencive. There are free tools available such as:

    Voodoo digilab homepage

    and Blender - Home

    There's loads of video's on the web showing how to do this, google matchmove, blender and voodoo.


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