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Thread: ADobe Premiere Elements - Fireballs, Energy Blasts, etc

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    Default ADobe Premiere Elements - Fireballs, Energy Blasts, etc

    I'm working on a video with some friends, and I've got Magix Movie Edit Pro 17 HD. So far I've liked it, it does alot of the stuff I want to do (fades, transitions, green screen, etc), but I've been on Youtube looking at some of the crazy special effects people are doing with Adobe After Effects.

    I don't want to spend that much for Adobe After Effects, and this is totally a hobby vs something I want to invest in. SO rather than go whole hog and get After Effects, it looks like alot of those can be done in Adobe Premiere Elements.

    Before I splurge and buy that, curious how easy they are to do in Premiere Elements? I know it will take some time, and I've been looking at tutorials for the approach with those things. If I get Adobe Premiere Elementsm will I be able to do glowing eyes, mask my eyes with flame behind them, fire lasers, make energy blasts, etc?

    THe other option I saw was to get something called Effects Lab Pro, from FX Home. That looked like it did exactly what I wanted, but was more expense (I can get Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements combined for less).

    Thanks for any help! Just want to make sure I don't blow my cash on the wrong package. Thanks!

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    There are somethings that you can make with premiere but it is much easiere to use after effect. You can make laser blast with premiere but it takes time and it will make you tired. For example you can make an object like color matte, set the size of it, make it glow and move it in the scene.
    There is a tiresome & time consumming way to make spesial effecti which is export your movie as filmstrip(go to file->export->movie then under "save" button there is "setting" button. in the opened diolog box change setting to filmstrip) when you saved the file (& it might take time) open the file in photoshop. You will see it exported all frames of your movie and you can change each frame you want.( this is one trick you can use. )
    well as you said correctly you can make thing in photoshop and import it in premiere like making a shiny thing in photoshop and make it move in premiere. One other thing might help you is an effect named lightning which is interesting.
    is you can do so many tricks with premier insteed of using after effect but it will become hard.
    I hope it helps.

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    ok, so that was my fear. And with After Effects being SO expensive (I don't want to spend big bucks on a hobby, vs if this was something I was taking a class for, or did professionally), I'll just do the manual things to keep things in synch (like if I put lens flares in my eyes to make them glow), and make sure I do short special effects clips (nor not move much in then). For what I'm doing I don't need to do a ton of special effects shots, so it's not a big deal....just was hoping there was an easy way to do this, like I could lock an effect on a body part (eye) and have it automatically track. Or stuff like that. Lightning is kinda cool, but you gotta keep moving start and stop points (unless I'm just doing this wrong in Premiere Elements, which is entirely possible!).

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