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Thread: looking for someone to do product demo videos

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    Default looking for someone to do product demo videos

    Hi All

    I run a custom drum company and am looking for somebody to video/edit some proffessinol product demo videos of my products.

    i am looking for someone in the middlesbrough area in uk to work with on a regular basis filming demo videos as products are made, videos will be of snares drums and drum kits so good sound is needed.

    i have a few drumkits and a box full of snare drums ready to be recorded

    allso any advise from members to point me in the right direction would be much appreciated
    YouTube - DrumCenterNH's Channel
    im looking for something along the lines of this video

    anyone in the area interested can email me at

    many thanks


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    I went to Middlesborough once, I think it took me 6 hours driving!! :(
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    Hi Ian,

    Thanks for the reply, im thinking my best option may be to buy a half decent full hd camera and tackling the job myself, if anyone could recomend a camera for around 500 and best suited editing software to get for what im after would be great and much appreciated,

    allso would i probably like to have someone make a good intro i could paste into the start of each video, anyone interested let me know as i really need to get this moving

    thanks again for any advise and help


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    Dean, irrespective of whether you film it yourself or get someone else, you need a very clear idea of what you are doing - and the good people of this forum might well save you a lot of time by helping you decide what you're going to film before you actually pick up a camera. Every now and then we see product demos which maye have been excellently produced but fail to achieve their goal.

    You may well already have these points covered but some things to consider are:

    1. What is the point of your video - what are you trying to show (the manufacture process? the beauty of the finished article? the drums in use?)
    2. Who are your audience - trade? end users? ensembles?
    3. What is the target medium - is this an attention grabbing web video or a detailed explanation.

    All this and more needs to be considered so you make the right film. It maybe you need different films for different purposes.

    There is a world of difference between something which is competeing with other videos/sales banners for attention and a semi - documentary style film showing the quality of your work which may be appropriate after you have the attention. Both are equally valid - the former is aimed at a much wider audience

    I gotta say, the video you linked to is very good. It summarises what the store stand for, the owner's enthusiasm comes across, the link to the community and the donations he acquired on behalf of them really made one warm towards the store. And note - very little of this is to do with the actual video itself - it was the script and the confident and genuine sounding delivery that made it. The video content served to illustrate the message. If you come up with something like that, you'll be doing a great job.

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    Hi Tim

    Thanks for the reply, i specalise in steambending various woods into drum shells and each wood has diffrent tonal qualitys so my main aim is to show these diffrences, i get emails from around the world with lots of questions but i dont have products distributed everywhere for people to pop into there local store and try out some, plus i aim to build a custom product to build to suit personally the player and the very best product available.

    original link i posted was not the one i meant, here is pretty much what im looking to do
    YouTube - DrumCenterNH's Channel

    hope this helps explain what im looking for, and advise is much appreciated

    many thanks

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