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Thread: 2 year old sony ex3, please advise

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    Default 2 year old sony ex3, please advise


    My name is Marcel from The Netherlands. I sold my Nikon D700 set in order to switch to a professional camrecorder. I will use the camrecorder for judo matches mostly in dark sport halls. My budget is 6000 euro. My shortlist camrecorders are Sony EX1, Sony EX3 en Canon XF300. I can buy a 2 year old EX3 with 66 hours recording for 6000 euro. Is the EX3 not yet out of date or still a good camrecorder? Any other camrecorder options within my budget? Thanks for your advise.

    Regards, Marcel
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  2. Default Ex1 or EX3 - Ergonomics

    Hi Marcel,
    I'm currently using a Canon XLH1, but to be honest it's not the hottest in Low Light, and to be honest HD in LOW light is not yet at it's best. Though I believe the EX1 does make a pretty good job of it. Not sure about the ex3, ergonomically you'll probably find it far better as it will shoulder mount, it also has interchangable lens system so thats also very cool (that's why I went for an XLH1). The reason I bring up the ergonomics is that a friend of mine recently bought an ex1 and has complained at length that you cannot hold the thing properly, you need to have some sort of stabiliser OR shoulder mount bracket. BOTTOM LINE - If I had 6k, I'd go for the ex3 now, 66 hours is nothing it just warmed up nicely. CHECK the GLASS though thoroughly and that all buttons are working - you'll need a good 2-3 hours to do this properly (take the time and plan it in to your purchase, you won't regret it especially if there is a problem) - ex3 ex3 ex3
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    remember the EX3 has no moving parts, so 66 is nothing really, I would check tbe SxS sockets are good, maybe the menus show how many insertions

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    Thanks Filmit Media and Z Cheema for your advise. 66 hours for a no moving parts camrecorder is indeed just warmed up. I will take the time to check the glass and all buttons. EX3 owner offers me a shooting day as I have no experiences with camrecorders. What is the differences with the current EX3 Version 2? Can I upgrade the 2 year old EX3 to version 2? Just software isn't it?

    Regards, Marcel

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    I just told the owner of the 2 year old EX3 that I decided to buy his camrecorder I hope the EX3 will not disappoint me. Is it possible to upgrade to Version 2?


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