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Thread: I Love HSF - My Story (Stop Motion for my college competition)

  1. Smile Query regarding a video I did

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    Whilst i applaud you for this interesting approach, I'm afraid I quickly found it very annoying - especially when the repetitive music loop cut in.

    So much so that I really lost sight of the story.


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    Quote Originally Posted by naviobb View Post
    ..I didn't have a good video camera, so I decided to use still photographs..
    And that's a mistake I think. This would have been better even with poorer quality. It's painful on the eye as it is.
    Sadly have to agree about the music loop too. Drove me nuts after a very short while...

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    I think the story is there and the idea is there. It would work a lot better with more photos taken so its not as jumpy in parts, framing on text and words is often out so you miss the emphasis of the key words. Work on framing and smoothing it out.
    The guys have already brought up the audio, the jist of that being try not to loop stuff. Find some longer audio tracks.

    Keep at it and keep us updated, innit

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    Is there some sort of frame blending that could help because the juddering does make my eyes hurt.

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    First of all, thank you for watching the video and providing constructive criticism I really appreciate it

    The background score is a big problem, I know that. But I didn't have any composer at that time and I had to make it myself, which I'm not good at. Next time, I'll get a dedicated music composer for my short.

    The online video appears to be jerky, which is not the case with the original video on my laptop. I don't know what happened during the conversion.

    It was my first effort and as they say, first time is never good :P It was a great learning experience and I'll use the experience for my short film.

    Thank you all

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    My only criticism is the content. It's silly, but close ups of paper with words written on it, and of internet computer screens often yell: -student production- to me. It's like a cliche profoundly contained only in student films. I can't get why, it just is. :P It's nothing serious though.

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    Also, you're missing out on the power of the photograph. Since you're using a DSLR - the photo has its advantages over the moving image. I would have liked to have seen an occasional freeze frame - to allow an audience to pause, relax from your chaotic style, and above all absorb and reflect upon the image. After all photos are much more reflective - capturing a single moment in time. It would make a nice contrast in pace as well.

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