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    Hello! I'm new here on this forum.I'm working on a local TV station here in my town as a cameraman for 2 years now. Also, me and my 2 friends decided to open our own multimedia studio, so we started making a music videos. so far, we have done 4 msuic videos, so i want your opinion about them. Songs are on Croatian language. So, here is our 1st music videos. please leave your comments:

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    Hi there,
    Very nice ............... simple but effective, green screen shot I guess and love the 9 screen back ground and how it's used. (how did you create it?). Also just starting Music vid's myslef so I'm running a competion this month to give away one FREE to get a good portfolio piece, done a few in the past but nothing too fancy ........ check out the video create TAB / Music on my site

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    We've seen this before.

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    How we did 9 screen back ground? with a lot of hard work, hehehe
    Thanks for comment, I'll check your website.

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    Negative critics are welcome too )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Midnight Blue View Post
    We've seen this before.
    Indeed we have. Guess who didn't notice until the first shot of the babe on the bed?

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