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Thread: Couple of questions editing with Sony Vegas 9

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    Default Couple of questions editing with Sony Vegas 9

    Im new in this forum. I have doing some random videos with my friends (bmx, skateboard, snowboard, motorcycle). I have couple of questions about video editing with Sony Vegas 9.

    I would want to have really nice slomo effects in my videos, but everytime I tried them they are sloppy and not smooth at all (when I tried I used Pinnacle studio 14 HD). Now I got Sony Vegas 9, I really dont know how to make them. Can somebody help me?

    One question more.
    What is that red/yellow flash effect at the start called when the clip chances. Link above.


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    Sorry can't really help with the slo mo question because I don't use Vegas but I will say that when I use time warp in Avid the slow motion is also quit jerky because it is simply re using the same frames in order to recreate a slow motion effect, there are some plug ins for programs such as after effects that create a nice smoother looking slow motion effect. This is quite a high end one I found which produces superb slow motion but it is quite expensive: RE:Vision Effects, Inc. : Products: Twixtor . The best way to achieve a nice smooth slow motion is to shoot at a higher frame rate. The effect at the beginning is a Film Burn, if you google film burns you'll be able to find some nice free ones, they usually come with an alpha channel so you just stick them over the top of your footage.

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