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Thread: CIRCLETINE!!!!! A comedy with the wit and non pretentious nature of an owl

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    Default CIRCLETINE!!!!! A comedy with the wit and non pretentious nature of an owl

    To quote a comment on the video: "It's like watching ren and stimpy rape the wkuk."

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    Strange video - strange in that half the time you seem to have a very good idea of what you're doing and half the time you on't seem to have a clue.

    You've captured the style of those sort of TV ads very well. For example, the opening lines of the mother over the shoulder and then turning, together with the camera angle were pretty spot on, and the placing of the circletine can on the table at 0:34 was a great shot. I thought it was well edited in terms of timing and continuity. The long pause

    But, the lighting and sound leave a lot to be desired. In many of the shots you have light from the window behind affecting the exposure, putting the cast in semi-silhouette - what do you want us to see? Cast or the garden outside? Expose for the cast and light or reflect light onto the cast. Whilst the music choice was fine,the screeched voices were distorting, but even if they weren't they would have been unintelligible - I suspect I missed some humour there as a result.

    The mother's acting was very good and the dad very believable.

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