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Thread: tilt/swivel shoe mount

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    Default tilt/swivel shoe mount

    Does anyone know where I can pick up something like this that swivels as well as tilts?

    Hama Adjustable Shoe Mount 1: Electronics


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    Put two together if you can't find one.

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    Thanks for the sugestion, but that wont let it swivel, it'll just be pointing in the same direction from a little to the side. I want to point a camera light down and to the side (at an angle) towards a reflector as a fill light.


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    I've found ball head ones that will do the job, but if anyone knows of anywhere I can get one that actually has indepandant tilt and swivel, or even one that just swivels that could be used in combination to the tilting one in the link, I'd apreciate hearing about where I can get it.


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