I am trying to find a short film made in the 1980s, which is quite obscure. It is around 10 minutes long with the defining characteristic is that it's shot entirely from above with the camera pointing straight down, not at an angle. See this image for an example of what I mean: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedi...reflection.jpg. It was probably shot from a balloon or perhaps a helicopter (not sure if helicopter filming was that stable in the 1980s). The camera floats over landscapes starting somewhere like Africa then I think it cuts to another landscape so it's now in LA and so on. Lots of landscapes to make up a short film. It was shot in the late 1980s and I think it may have been a filmed by a commercials director on a personal project.

It's quite similar to elements of the Koyaanisqatsi series of films, except that its all shot quite slow and dreamy. Also Koyaanisqatsi varies the angles and shots used, but this is all shot from above. This short is more about people as opposed to landscapes.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Reply here, PM me or email me at brian.lavery@wk.com.