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Thread: looking for people who have edited on both macs and p.c

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    Default looking for people who have edited on both macs and p.c

    This is not intended to start a mac vs pc war !!!!! situation, a very good friend of mine as written a great screen play,
    he is currently meeting producers, and people in the know.

    2.if this does not come off, and get picked up by the producers then, he wants to go into production for himself.

    3.he as asked me to edit, the film forhim (help) so as, from experiance i have come to the forums which i have, always gotten a good wealth of knolwedge, from in the past.

    4.for 20 years i have been building, reparing, selling pc's, i am not biased towards mac computers, i have just managed to get done what, i have needed to on pc.

    5.the reason i have come here, is i am interested in two programs for editing, one is adobe premiere pro cs5, and the other of course is, final cut pro studio.

    6.i have read that these two programs, are more than capable of doing the job at hand.
    the other program i read about was, avid but there seems to be so many programs, from them
    that i decided to look, into the two listed above. the question at hand is, can some one who as had a go with both programs listed, give me a heads up as to why i would be better off with one over the other, i am going to post this in the mac white section also, as i like to get as much info on a subject before parting, with a lot of cash to take this project on.

    thank you for taking the time to reply


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    I have only dabbled with a co workers mac and just briefly fiddled with FCP, from others reveiws it is a very stable and well built program

    2) If he produces it himself is he going to try and get it into theaters, if he is then he will want 35mm, 16mm or a camera like the RED. I doubt you will buy one so you'll have to rent and most places require a $1,000,000 liabilty plan and the person who uses it has to be trained, and if your in the US you will have to deal with one of the unions (if you are in the US) Getting funding could be hard to get if you are an unkown because any invester is going to want E&O insurance to protect their money. and if a distributer backs you they will most likely take the 3 windows distrobution (theater,dvd and cable, and rentals)

    3) its best to wait to see what its going to be shot with before you get the editing system so you can get the best match for the file format

    Basicly it comes down to what camera and the workflow you will be using, and of course what program you feel more at ease with.. The editing software is just a tool to express your creativity with, I've seen people make great films on movie maker and I've seen some real junk being made on media composer. its what you do with the software that counts

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Well I work with both programs (premiere & final cut) they are very similar to each other more than any other programs I have seen (like edius , avid , ...) both are easy to use but I think premiere is better for someone who want to start movie editing. As "Chapman Photography" said it depends on the movie you are making. For small movies I think premiere is good but I think final cut can handle big projects better.
    I hope it helps.

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    Out of the two I've had more luck with Final Cut Studio. I've had nothing but problems with Adobe Premiere, so much so that I've removed it from my system all together but that's not to say you'll have the same problems. I personally use Avid and I think for feature films it is the best choice and up until quite recently always has been, but the trend certainly seems to be going towards Final Cut. I recommend getting trials for all of them and see what you prefer. One thing I will say is that if your making a choice between Mac and PC, all of the software stated so far can be used on Mac, Final Cut Studio cannot be used on a PC so that might sway you.

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