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    Default Audio clean up help

    I need to improve the sound recording on my latest project. An interview recorded indoors unfortunatley there's quite s bit of background noise causing boom. I tried reducing the bass and increasing the treble a touch which improved things but it's still not ideal. Re recording the interview is not an option. Any ideas ? Maybe I should post a clip as an example

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    Yes, a little clip might help us to judge. I know there are some good audio guys around.

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    short sample

    1/ original recording
    2/ eq
    3/ eq with music

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    Hi, Although i've only just started in the business I have been dealing with audio recently and there are ways of getting rid of the worst by adding silence between the dialogue, then applying hum and hiss filter, of course I'm not sure which software you are using.

    There are some good programs out there and I would suggest wavepad to clean up the audio (there is a free version). It is then a case of marrying it up with the video if you are doing video with it.

    If you need any further help, please message me

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    Firstly with the visuals of kids on skateboards in the background with the sound may work as it is.

    I did a bit of testing just with the tools in Vegas. I tried being really drastic and cutting 100% of all the lower end up to about 320Mhz. Then using that as as separate audio track brought the bottom end back up it does seem to get rid of some of the lower end background noise but needs carful EQ work not to loose clarity of the voice. I'm not a great audio worker but it might be worth a try until some one who knows what they are talking about comes along.

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    cheers MB, ill have anothjer play

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    As much as it is sucky, you're probably not going to be able to clean that up much.

    Background noise like hums and hisses can generally be cleaned up - but sound fx and general life just take up too many frequencies. The problem is that there is just too much going on in the background.

    What i'd suggest you do, is load up a parametric equalizer and sweet the frequencies to find where the interviewees voice comes through the most. Boost it a bit there, then do the same thing with the background noise, and cut it. Hopefully they're not overlapping too much.

    Aside from that there's not really much you can do - especially with the amount of reverb that's floating around in the background!

    Life lesson - always do interviews somewhere quiet.

    Source: 5 years experience in professional audio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Andy_Gee View Post
    sweet the frequencies
    whats that mean ?

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    whats happened to swoopie ? seem to remember he was pretty good on the audio front. i pm'd him a week ago but no reply !

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