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Thread: Greenscreen Guitar Video, Surf Rock (with Sony Alpha 55)

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    Wink Greenscreen Guitar Video, Surf Rock (with Sony Alpha 55)

    Something that I've put together recently, in my "homestudio"

    Thanks to my first "real" or "adult" camera (Sony A55), the picture is much better than in my previous videos

    Those backgrounds are all frapsed from a 3D engine demo, I added some depth of field blur afterwards. I used Sony Vegas Pro 10 to edit the whole thing.

    It's too cheesy to be a real music video and there are some flaws in it, but I think for youtube guitar video standards it came out great.

    What do you think?

    This video is also on Guitar Idol:
    Guitar Idol III - Entrant Video
    In case someone really takes the time and votes a 10 for me there, let me know (with a PM). I could send you a download link to my song in return, if you like

    thanks to everyone who watches

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    Well done, that looked good fun. One video tip, try not to stand so close to the green screen as you are getting green reflections from it especially on your arms. It's also nice to see a smile rather than the usual glum face from these types of videos.

    I enjoyed it.

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    A nice change from the thrash/shred or whatever you call it that everyone likes to show off with. An interesting ditty which managed to sound familiar whilst having some quite interesting an unexpected chord changes.

    The video was fun and looked great (green reflections aside) except you looked a little self conscious and uncomfortable - consequently the shots where you had to concentrate more on what ou were playing worked abit better. On the other hand it makes a change not to have ridiculous poses and facial contortions!

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    thanks a lot guys

    those are good ideas. I need to look into standing further away from the green screen then. It's a bit tricky because my green screen isn't that wide. But there sure is room for improvement.

    Absolutely, I also see lots of video clips where the musician looks quite bored. So I tried to look like I enjoy playing the guitar. However, it's easy to overdo that, which leads to quite akward results (I did some test shots)
    When I do some more videos regularly, I'll probably become more natural in front of the camera.

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