I have recently purchased a SONY DRX-710UL external DVD burner which came with the Nero DVD burning suite. I am trying to burn video onto DVD+RW which I have captured from my camcorder using firewire and Pinnacle Studio 8 (I had been using Studio to burn to DVD but since installing the latest Studio update it refuses to compile a DVD so I was advised to render to MPEG in Studio and burn using Nero).

The captured video is perfect. But when I burn to DVD using Nero the picture quality is sub-standard. The picture shakes and the quality is different to how it looks on the camcorder and how it used to look when I burnt on to DVD using Studio. I record and capture to 16:9 and want to burn in 16:9. I always have all the settings set to the highest quality and the project I burned is less than 20mins so I know it's not that I'm trying to cram too much onto the DVD at the expense of quality.

Looking at some of the forum threads the subject of interlacing crops up but it is not immediately obvious how I can change the interlace settings in Nero Vision Express (or whether I really need to). Any help would be appreciated.