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Thread: Quick question on Properties of a file

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    Default Quick question on Properties of a file


    I am using a Canon Legria HF 10. I used the 24p mode, which I understood to be progressive, not interlaced (and 24fps).

    However, when I place a clip shot in that manner in an editing timeline and then click on Properties/General tab, it indicates the clip is 25.000 fps interlaced.


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    Did you set your project properties to 24p

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    Default Quick question on Properties of a file

    Yes. I set it to what I thought the clip was shot in (24p).

    Oddly enough, when I set the Properties to match the clip, it changed the template to 50i. Now this Canon can shoot in two modes: 24p and 50i. I rechecked the camera and it is set to 24p. But apparently I am getting a 50i clip, assuming Vegas is correct.

    Looks Progressive-y to me; but that's just my opinion based on my eyes, which of course is not the most reliable method. I suppose I could do a quick render without deinterlacing to confirm that is in fact a 50i clip, as I'm sure that will come out with all sorts of artifacts.

    If so, perhaps this question is not a Sony Vegas question but a Canon Legria question ... e.g. why is my Canon set at 24p producing 50i clips?

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    You could try using a program like Gspot to see what it says your footage properties are.

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    Good call, I used MediaInfo to confirm that the clip is 25fps interlaced. And a render done without interlacing showed strong and heavy artifacts to re-confirm that. (So much for my eyeballing it!)

    So, this is definitely a camcorder issue. I've started a thread in the appropriate forum, as this is the wrong one for this.

    Thanks much for the replies. I don't have many video problems or issues, but when I do the folks in this forum are always amazing in the speed of their responses and helpfulness. Cheers!

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