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Thread: Camcorder advice please (semi-pro recommendations)

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    Default Camcorder advice please (semi-pro recommendations)

    Hi there,

    I am relatively new to the world of video making and adore it. Buying the right eqiuipment for the job is like a minefield so I'd really appreciate any insight.

    I got in to it after I was given an old Sony dsr pd-150 last year. After buying a professional Sennheiser lavalier microphone for it it's given me amazing results. My main use is for interviews and seminars. In December I also bought a Canon Vixia HF-S200 HD for GV's (actually I bought it because it also has an external microphone socket and all the promise that you could get good quality sound). I've learnt the hard way that a consumer HD camcorder (£600 later!!!) does not do the job of a professional camcorder (although the image quality is amazing, I must say!).

    So now I'm going to spend upto £3000 on a semi-pro camcorder, because I need HD with professional audio.

    I love using memory cards rather than tape and I would prefer an xlr microphone socket.

    Does anyone have any recommendation, tips or hints about which one to look at?

    Many thanks indeed!

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    I am a bit biased towards Panasonics I have a HVX201 which is mint the HPX170 is virtually the same as the HVX200 but without the tape so it's cheaper. The next camera on my current shopping wish list is the New AF100.

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    Red face

    Thank you for sharing. I've just followed the links to explore the models you mention. The models you mention seem to use P2 cards (a whole new world to me)? I've just noticed that these cost a small fortune too. It's great to know that you have good experience with these cameras.

    I was thinking more of sdhc memory cards - unless there is something wrong with using them that I am about to find out.

    I was looking at the AF100 (after a recommendation on another thread somewhere here). It looks impressive, although I am not immediately enamoured by have to figure out all the extras that seem to go with it.

    I've noticed these models:
    Panasonic AG-HMC41EU

    Sony HDR-AX2000

    Do you have any experience or insight on those?

    With many thanks!

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    I don't have any experience with those but I've had very little experience with anything other than Panasonics I've mentioned. You are right P2 cards cost a small fortune. The reason they are used is IMO because these cameras record with a better codec than the usual AVCHD. It's call DVCHD Pro. Also Panasonic make a load of money on the P2 cards to balance out the cheapness of the cameras.

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    I see! Very cunning of Panasonic then! I am noticing that they also sell models that use sdhc cards - perhaps they aren't as good.

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