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Thread: I am a primetime BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Producer/Director/Editor who is...

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    Default I am a primetime BBC, ITV, Channel 4 Producer/Director/Editor who is...

    ...happy to provide a little guidance for talented people who need GENUINE help with a specific project or industry advice. I know there are a lot of talented people out there who don't get seen or get a break, so I'm putting one day each month aside to help nurture new talent (on a free basis). Please keep your questions or problems short and to the point and if your email makes sense, I will try respond. If you don't get a response, its because I don't think I can help you, or I'm snowed under with requests!

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    Hi there,

    I am a student currently studying film and television at college and am aiming towards going on to bournemouth university to do television production. Film and tv is my passion and although i know its a bit cheeky, is there any chance that i can maybe get some work experience with you. I am very interested in production and post production and i am looking to expand my knowledge and get some first hand experience in the industry.

    Thanks Josh

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    Working class people outnumber rich people by 9-1 easilly... so why is it that commissioning editors and film financiers do not back working class projects... unless of course its some form of mike leigh, patronising look downwards view on how poor people live

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    ...Because the vast majority of commissioning editors and film financiers are themselves upper middle class university educated people who, by their very nature, are slightly worried by working class people talking in a working class way.
    Ditto for ethnic minorities.... which is why at (for example) The BBC you may find a Black person working at a production level ... but they will undoubtedly have a fairly white middle class english accent.

    People 'like' and feel comfortable around people who are similar to themselves. It's less hard work that way and we are essentially lazy creatures.

    TV and film are, for the most part, white Middle class college educated industries....

    I share your view about Mike Leigh.. it's patronising drivel...

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