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Thread: How to copyright your own material

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    Default How to copyright your own material

    In my music days it was fine to send your self a post dated parcel containing your demo tape. Is it sufficient to do the same with a DVD of your film ?

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    No such thing!

    Copyright exists as soon as you create the work. You don't need to send it to yourself, send it to the Queen or whatever. However, it is useful to get a way of proving when you create it but not essential.

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    BigMac's right. But making the proof easy helps.
    Post the thing on YouTube, then you've got millions of witnesses! But it does rather put the knackers on selling copies

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulears View Post
    you So for me, if it's important, burn a dvd and post it!
    got to be the easiest, safest way hasn't it.

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