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Thread: stero lavalier microphone ?

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    Default stero lavalier microphone ?

    Hi Guys

    Any advice here would be much appreciated

    I have a old but trusted Panasonic GS-NV280 camcorder, as far as I am aware it records in stereo as there are external microphones available for it that record in stereo .

    I have built my own small studio so I can record some of my stand up comedy I would very much like to upload to you tube.
    I recently bought a (Audio- Technica ATR 3350 lavalier microphone).
    It didnít say but I stupidly presumed it would record in stereo?

    When I play back the footage through my computer or a TV I cant tell as I am only recording my voice but if I put headphones on my voice only comes out of one earpiece so I realised the microphone was recording in mono.

    I realise or think that recording my comedy in mono is probably fine but I thought if I was lucky enough to have a few people watch my you tube video say using their phone with headphones it would sound a bit crap!

    So can I or is it possible to get a stereo lavalier microphone to record my voice in stereo?

    Please excuse my ignorance regarding all this by the way, maybe recording your voice in stereo cant be done?

    I just thought if I recorded it in stereo if some one listened to it with earphones it would at least come through both earpieces and sound a bit more professional?

    If so any advice is much appreciated about a good choice of lavalier microphone that will fit my Panasonic camcorder?

    All the best and thank you so much to anyone who has the time to reply to my post and really help me out.

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    Although the internal mics record in stereo I'm not sure the external mic socket does. That shouldn't be a problem you can make a mono recording play through both stereo left and right channels or left then right or put it anywhere you want at any time. You can adjust it with your editing program.

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    Thanks very much for your help , I am using windows movie maker 5.1 through windows XP.Just by chance do you happen to know how to do what you say with movie maker?

    Much appreciated

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    I'm not sure about WMM been able to do it but I'm sure there are plenty of free download audio programs that will be able to do it. This means that you will have to match up the audio with the video separately but that is not hard to do.

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    Thanks very much for your help , I will look into it.

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